The premier New York Matrimonial and Family Law Firm led by renowned litigator and mediator Cheryl Stein, Esq.

Recognized as one of New York’s topmost matrimonial law firms by Thomson Reuter’s Super Lawyers, The Law & Mediation Offices of Cheryl Stein has been selected every year since 2015.

Our focus and expertise include:

Divorce, Separation, Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements, Property Division/Asset Allocation, Maintenance/Spousal Support/Alimony, Custody, Child Support.

One of the ways our firm is unique is that we offer full-service Litigation, Mediation & Collaborative Law based on our client’s individual case and needs.

There is an agility in Matrimonial Law.  Different paths are available.  We assess and implement the right strategy for our clients.

Our strategy focuses on both the process and results.  The selected process needs to fit the case.  The process needs to be the best path to our client’s desired outcome.

We are a service industry and emphasize our client’s happiness and satisfaction.  Our clients feel positive about their future and the steps they are taking with our skillful representation to help them get there.

We avail our clients of every resource possible to help them move forward and get the results they seek.

We want to make our clients’ lives as easy as possible while guiding them.

Situated in the heart of the Upper East Side – at the foot of Central Park – we represent many high net-worth cases in the surrounding New York City and metropolitan areas, while still maintaining a friendly and attractive hourly rate to be accessible to a range of clients, especially clients seeking mediation as a cost-friendly option.