The Interplay Between Divorce and Immigration: Part 1

With the upcoming presidential election, crisis at the border, flood of migrants, and New York City being a sanctuary city, the topic of immigration has been getting a lot of air time, with all its inherent controversies and polar view-points.   The magnified “crisis" is confined in scope to the illegal immigration issue.   Untarnished by the mass media coverage is the uncontroversial paths towards legal immigration that have been steadfast and secure bastions for many years.   A longstanding path is legally obtaining United (more...)

Victimhood Has Currency

Most people spin conflict so that they are the victor or the victim. Here’s why it’s important to keep that instinct in check. The legal community focuses heavily on the topic of domestic violence with continuing legal education seminars and pro bono clinics. There is even a specialized court called the IDV court (integrated domestic violence), where the family law cases that have alleged elements of domestic violence are adjudicated. Abuse comes in many forms - emotional, physical, sexual, and financial. Courts (more...)

Protecting Your Business Partners from Your Marital Fallout

Most people are prepared to undergo intense scrutiny and background checks when entering into a business partnership or for consideration to high-level corporate and finance positions.  It’s a common occurrence meant to unearth skeletons and expose red flags in your life.  The business partners or corporation want to know how your problems may become their problems if you are onboarded and welcomed into their fold.  Your prospective or current marriage may be one of the things they look at with discomfiting interest.  (more...)

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